What Is This?

Well, it all started a few years ago when I picked up a five year diary (like this one – with just a few lines per day in which to write) at an estate sale. The tag on the diary said “1961-1965. Completely filled. Interesting. $5.00” I flipped through it and sure enough, every single entry was scrawled into the diary in pencil. Five bucks? It was mine.

When I got it home, I started reading an entry here and there and began to form an image of this woman’s life in my head. From what I gathered from a quick skim, she was a teacher of deaf children in the Seattle area. She lived with roommates. She had family in the Midwest. She loved movies, theater, baseball, her choral group… I couldn’t see her face in my mind, but I started to see her life. And I was interested. Then I thought, maybe other people would be interested in an average woman’s daily life during this time period. And since it was almost 50 years to the day she started the diary, why not follow along in real time, starting January 1, 2011?

Now don’t get me wrong. There is very little drama in this diary. Some entries are downright dull. But something about knowing what this woman – whose name is nowhere in the diary and is still unknown to me – did for every single day for five years during the early ’60s was fascinating to me. I hope it is to you as well. I haven’t even finished reading it yet, so let’s follow along and see what happens!

Edited to add: while I appreciate all of the interest in the diary, I would ask that you please not post private (or public) contact information for anyone mentioned in it in the comments or take it upon yourself to contact them. While it is not my goal to figure out this woman’s identity, I appreciate that others may be interested in finding it out. If you feel you have a “good lead,” please instead email me at info@herfiveyeardiary.com. Thank you!

– Sara